Why Wedges Are More Comfortable Than Heels

Why Wedges Are More Comfortable Than Heels

Imagine yourself getting ready for work this morning - the feeling of material enveloping your feet to prepare you for a long day at work, a jaunt across town to a cafe, or a first date at your favorite restaurant. There is (almost) nothing worse than knowing you have blisters or bunions because of the wrong shoes. Unfortunately, 99% of heels that are a far cry from being comfortable.


Comfortable women’s shoes exist - in the form of functional and fashionable wedges. Here’s why you should consider wedges for your next wardrobe investment.


  1. Wedges are stable, which make for an excellent walking shoe

Women’s wedges are more comfortable and stable than traditional high heels because of even weight distribution. Instead of putting all of your weight on one point (the heel), your foot is distributed from heel to toe. This stability means you can walk further, for longer, without the great risk of slipping, tripping or general unpleasantry.

Looking particularly for heels that also support your ankles, especially if you are taking that longer walk across town. Not only can an ankle strap help to elongate your leg, it will also help to keep your feet in place while walking.


  1. Wedges can help to add more height - in a painless way

There is a misconception that heels (think: stilettos) are the only way to add height to your stature; however, wedges and wedge sandals can actually provide more height than your traditional stilettos. Platform wedges are not only on trend, they can raise the back of your feet in such a way that it becomes easier - and painless - to add height to your look.


  1. You will eliminate the fear of falling or losing balance

When wearing heels, we can often be fearful of losing balance. Walking down an aisle or meeting someone for a first date can create enough fears - why be concerned about instability because of fashion?

Thanks to even weight distribution, it is much easier to walk with confidence in wedges. You will also want to look for an ankle clasp with an easy attachment to ensure you have stability for that long stride.


  1. Wedges will go with just about anything

Whether you are dressing up jeans or keeping it casual with a Summer dress, wedges can complement just about any outfit.  

They are also so versatile, regardless of the season. From a dark wedge in the Winter paired with a trench coat, to a light, camel wedge in the summer to pair with evening dresses and jewelry, having a pair of wedges in your closet is a versatile investment.


  1. Wedges can last longer than heels

Due to uneven weight distribution, heels can wear out very quickly. You may need to replace the bottom of the stiletto, or it may come apart all-together; with wedges, however, durability is an essential consideration for the duration of your investment. Of course, it is essential to take great care of any shoe, regardless if they are wedges of heels.


From stability to versatility, comfortable women’s shoes can be found in fashionable wedges. Consider quality-made and designed wedges that support your journey, from the boardroom to the sidelines of a soccer match.

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