Women-Owned Startup Brands We're Watching in 2022

Women-Owned Startup Brands We're Watching in 2022

A variety of brands caught our eyes this year as we looked at those making an impact in the fashion industry in 2022. These brands are trendsetters making a huge difference through their use of technology and/or their unique business models.

Women-owned brands we’re keeping an eye on in 2022

Getaway Sticks:  A new women's shoe brand launching as a capsule collection of wedge heels. Getaway Sticks founder and CEO, Steffie Tomson, has used her background as a scientist to redesign women’s footwear from the ground up. The brand is backed by over a year of research and development that Steffie put into making the perfect shoe for any occasion. Getaway Sticks are stylish, comfortable and classic heels for all day wear.


Primary:  Primary founders/co-CEOs Galyn Bernard and Christina Barbonell created a line of sustainable, classic, high quality kids’ clothing that doesn’t have slogans or labels. Their brand is focused on sustainability and great customer service.


Bevza: Minimalist, feminine and approachable luxury, by Ukranian designer, Svetlana Bevza. Designs are modern and current, but don’t feel trendy, and walk that perfect line between polished and still appropriate for work-from-home.


Hunter Bell: A New York City designer now based in Houston, Hunter Bell make sophisticated and feminine pieces that always look classy. Her prints and silhouettes are fun and flirty and always a bit elevated.



What other brands are you keeping an eye on this year? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out!