Why Are Wedges More Comfortable Than Heels?

Why Are Wedges More Comfortable Than Heels?

Imagine yourself getting ready for work in the morning. You have a process to decide what to wear and to pick just the right pair of shoes to match. These shoes are going to have to get you through walking across town to meet a colleague, climbing three flights of stairs to a doctor’s office, striding into a meeting with your boss, and picking the kids up from soccer practice. You look through your shoes and cannot find anything that will get you through the day without causing you pain. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find heels that are comfortable and that do not give their wearer blisters or bunions.

Comfortable women’s shoes do exist in the form of functional and fashionable wedges. Here are some reasons to consider adding wedges as your next wardrobe investment. 

  1. Wedges are more stable than a traditional heel, which makes them excellent walking shoes
    1. Whereas traditional high heels put all your weight on one point (the heel), wedge heels evenly distribute your weight across your foot. This even weight distribution creates more stability and allows you to walk further without feeling uncomfortable. Heels that support your ankles are especially important if you are walking longer distances, so maybe look for an ankle strap -- which both elongates your leg and keeps your feet in place while walking.
  2. Wedges can help add more height in a less painful way
    1. There is a misconception that heels like stilettos are the only way to add height to your stature. However, wedges and wedge sandals can provide more height than a traditional stiletto. Not only are wedges currently on trend, but they also more easily and more painlessly add height to your look by raising the back of your feet.
  3. Wearing wedges eliminates the fear of falling or losing your balance
    1. We can often be afraid we will lose our balance when wearing traditional heels. Walking down an aisle or meeting someone for a first date is nerve-wracking enough—why add the fear of tripping or falling? You can walk more confidently in wedges because of the even weight distribution mentioned above. For extra support, consider looking for an ankle clasp.
  4. Wedges will go with anything
    1. Wedges can complement any outfit, from jeans to a summer dress. There are many ways to style wedges, including a dark wedge with a trench coat in the winter or a light camel wedge with evening dresses and jewelry in the summer. Regardless of the season, wedges are a versatile investment to have in your closet.
  5. Wedges can last longer than traditional heels
    1. Traditional heels can wear out very quickly due to the uneven weight distribution; you might need to replace the bottom of the stiletto, or it might come apart all together. Durability is an essential consideration when making an investment, so thinking about the reliability of a shoe is important.

Fashionable wedges offer stability, versatility, and comfort. Consider quality-made and designed wedges to support your journey, from the boardroom to the sidelines of a soccer match.

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