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Our wedge delivers 60mm of proprietary RoamFoam™.

Save your joints from the points.

Keep the pep in your step.



No more buckling.

Set it once and forget it.

The rest is herstory.

Abby G.Austin, Texas

The details are so thoughtful. I cannot get over the buckle hook. It takes a split second to slip on and off - such a clever timesaver for busy mornings. Why don’t all companies use these?

Sammy W.Houston, Texas

On their first wear, my new Getaway Sticks carried me from school drop-off at 7am, to meetings all over campus, to my son’s little league game and a 6 block walk home. These shoes are amazing!

Laura C.San Diego, California

Looks great with suits and sundresses! My new go-to shoes for everything. I love that I don’t even have to think twice about it- they go with everything!

Why sacrifice comfort for style?

We’re on a mission to empower women, starting with their feet. We envision a world in which women’s footwear supports any journey. Where women can get on with their day without worrying about blisters or extra changes of shoes, and still look good doing it. We are Getaway Sticks.

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Why sacrifice comfort for style?