About the Biodiversity Collection

Embarking on a journey inspired by the innate rhythms of nature, Dr. Steffie Tomson, a visionary biologist, is the luminary force behind the creation of Getaway Sticks. Driven by a profound connection to the exquisite patterns of the natural world, Dr. Tomson's soul resonates with the harmonious dance of colors and the graceful choreography of movement.

In her quest to redefine the realm of women's footwear, Dr. Tomson not only aspired to elevate the standards of comfort but also to transcend the ordinary in design. As a devotee of the artistic intricacies found in nature, she, a student of design, found herself humbled by the unparalleled majesty of natural beauty.

The embodiment of this reverence is manifested in our Biodiversity collection, a testament to Dr. Steffie Tomson's unwavering commitment to encapsulating the essence of nature's allure. Each pair from this collection is more than a fashion statement; it is a pledge to contribute to the preservation of the very species that inspire us.

In a world where biodiversity faces unprecedented challenges, every step taken in our shoes is a stride towards conservation. The benevolence of Dr. Tomson extends beyond fashion, as the proceeds from every sale in our Biodiversity collection are dedicated to organizations tirelessly working to protect these species in their natural habitats.

Getaway Sticks proudly aligns itself with the North American Butterfly Association, the Rainbow Parrot Rescue of Florida, the Toucan Rescue of Costa Rica, and the Zebra enclosure at the Houston Zoo. These organizations not only share our passion for preserving biodiversity but also stand as testament to the collective responsibility we bear for the well-being of our fellow Earth inhabitants.

With each pair of Getaway Sticks, you not only grace your feet with unparalleled comfort and style but also become an active participant in a noble cause. Join us on this journey where fashion meets philanthropy, and let your steps echo the harmony of nature.

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