There’s Enough Pressure on Women…

Our feet don’t need it, too.

There’s Enough Pressure on Women…

Introducing Athletic Aesthetic – in a Heel

Getaway Sticks was founded by a neuroscientist with the goal of solving women’s two shoe problem: the heels worn in the office and the sneakers changed into for the commute or for the rest of the day. Women’s fashion-oriented shoes are notoriously uncomfortable, thus inhibiting the ability to move freely. And, typically, comfort often equates to boring.

Coupling the latest technologies from technical and athletic shoes with science-based design, Getaway Sticks creates styles that are timeless and truly comfortable for women as they move through their day for both work and play. Hello, comfortable heels.

Bye Bye, Bunions & Blisters

Created by a neuroscientist, this shoe’s engineering includes support and functionality that is beautiful in form and function alike.

Getaway Sticks are elegant, versatile heels for women who think it’s high time we have a heel that can make it all the way through the day and evening.

For the ambitious, on-to-go woman who needs to be everywhere. With a sneaker-foam heel and a slip-on hook, don’t give your shoes a second thought.

I LOVE the shoes. I do think they are very comfortable and the few times I have worn them, I have worn them all day long to court with a lot of walking and standing and they are very comfortable. I LOVE the hook rather than having to use the buckle, I have super skinny ankles and I always have to poke an extra hole in ankle straps and I don't have to with these, I sometimes get the hood caught in between the two straps though and have to really stretch to unhook it (complete user error). Also, I broke my foot last year and haven't been able to wear heels until I bought these, and I think the heel has the perfect amount of cushion and is not wobbly like some wedges and it also isn't too chunky like others. Another plus is the fabric: we've had a ton of rain here lately and I was nervous about them staining but you couldn't even tell I had walked in puddles. This video captures them PERFECTLY! Now I want to order the dark brown pair too! The video highlights them amazingly!

I just had to send you a note! I bought my first pair of Getaway Sticks the day after the Bel Inizio Soul to Sole and wore them ALL day today! I loved them so much, that I went on your website to order another pair and saw your 30% sale and ended up ordering 2 pairs! The space and Forest colors. I love the red, that may be my 4th pair!

Abby G.,Austin, Texas

I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I love your shoes! I ordered a pair and received them with lightning speed.They are beautiful and comfortable. I have an incredible case of plantar fasciitis on my right foot, so I am very happy to have this pair to enjoy. I'm looking forward to the red ones being back in stock!

Why sacrifice comfort for style?

We’re on a mission to empower women, starting with their feet. We envision a world in which women’s footwear supports any journey. Where women can get on with their day without worrying about blisters or extra changes of shoes, and still look going doing it. We are Getaway Sticks.

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Why sacrifice comfort for style?